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Collected from various government and private sources, data contained in the Statistical Yearbook cover all areas of the electric power industry and includes full-year 2020 and 2019 data, as available. Industry data contained in the Statistical Yearbook are presented on a national, regional, and state level and includes historical and forecasted data series perfect for identifying short-term trends or doing long-term data analysis.

Some of the specific industry data found in the Statistical Yearbook include

    • Generating Capacity;

    • Electric Power Generation by Energy Source;

    • Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Data;

    • Net Metering Data;

    • Capability and Peak Load;

    • International Gross Electricity Production, by Country;

    • Average Annual Capacity Factors by Generation Technology

    • Average Delivered Cost of Fossil Fuels;

    • Retail Sales, Revenues and Customers;

    • Average Delivered Cost of Fossil Fuels;

    • Electricity Usage;

    • Average Power Plant Operating Expenses by Plant Type;

    • Operation and Maintenance Costs;

    • Capital Expenditures;

    • Forecasted Data Through 2050; and

    • Miscellaneous Operating and Financial data

Publication Date: July 2022

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